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Network Rules
Last Updated 2 years ago

TechNet Rules And Policy

  • No Spamming
  • No Flooding
  • No Hacking, Phishing, Takeover's or Dos Attack's
  • No Porn or inappropriate content
  • No Racism, No Violence, Sexual, Of ANYTHING
  • No MORE Than 5 Connections Per IP (if you need an exception then apply here
  • No actions we, the operators, regard as abuse.
  • No Evading Network Or Channel Ban's
  • All staff can disconnect, ban, kill, kick, k-line, g-line, gzline to any user they fit needed at any moment of time
  • Usage of this network is a privilege, not a right.
  • TechNet holds NO responsibility for any damage, harm, abuse caused to any user, item, or any problem or situation while you are connected to TechNet
  • Absolutely no warranty is expressed or implied.
  • All staff of TechNet has all say to all decisions made of any matters in this network
  • Do NOT get IRCop's involved in channel situations UNLESS they involve the violation of the Network rules
  • The rules and policies of TechNet can be softened, strengthened at the discretion of Staff at their will any time
  • Violation of any of these rules can result in severe punishment, such as kills or even bans
  • If you see find any of these rules are violated by a user, please report to a member of staff
  • We can not monitor Private message's, thus what happens on private messages, stays on private messages

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