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Server Requirements
Last Updated 2 years ago

In order for you to link a server to our network, the following conditions should be met:

  • You must be allowed to host the server
  • The server must not be a hacked one
  • You don't need physical access to the server
  • You must have knowledge about how to set up and maintain an IRC Server
  • If the server name will be
  • The server must have a static IP Address
  • The server must have a connection class of at least 15Mbit/s
  • The server's hardware and bandwidth must be able to support the number of users specified
  • The server must not be involved in any illegal activities
  • The server must be secure and capable of reaching at least a couple of days uptime
  • The server must not host any open proxy servers
  • The server's time and date settings should be correct for its location
  • The server must allow incoming ICMP echo (ping) requests.
  • The IRCD used must be UnrealIRCd 5.2.2 which can be found at
  • The server's operators should spend some time on the server, should any problems occur
  • You must have a good reason why you want to link, just saying "I want to link because I want to be an IRCop" is not enough
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